Dear Daniel and Rorie!
I have just finished all your pictures from your wedding and can't stop smiling! It's a true priviledge to be able to relive a happy moment over and over again.

What a day it was, warm, sunny and beautiful, and the spectacular swedish archipelago at it's very best. When I stood waiting for you at the docks I couldn't help but wonder what you two would look like, since we had never met, and in that moment I saw peoples heads turning and spotted you. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen such handsome grooms, and I've seen a few!! And I'm not sure if you noticed the attention all those people gave you, but it was all amazed looks and smiles!

The ceremony was personal and very touching and me and Åsa watched you surrounded by your family and friends there in the sun and I know I'm silly but we both had big lumps in our throats! But then I am a hopeless romantic ;)
The portrait session later was so much fun and you did such a great job, I will never forget your huge smile, Rorie, and how it was almost impossible to get you to make a serious face!! I just hope you won't remember me as "the soup nazi" ha ha ha.

Anyway. I hope you love the photos, and that they will help you remember over the years, not only this special day but the reason behind it - your love for each other. Thank You for letting me be part of it.
Best of luck! /Sara.